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Maia and Her Grandfather

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We have data back to William Heartfield, a miller, who was born in 1754. Our family can trace back to a William Heartfield who was born in 1825. Up until recently we believed his father was William Heartfield born in 1795 but it now appears more likely his father was another William Heartfield born in 1797. We have almost no information on this man to date.

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Note that this data is evolving. Due to the common problem of various spellings of the name, we cannot be 100% sure the information shown here is accurate for our line prior to William Heartfield who was born in 1825. As more census data is released, and as more musty records are pored over by relations still living in England, we hope that data can be verified.

There are two villages in Sussex - one named Hartfield and one named Upper Hartfield. The villages are mentioned in the Domesday book, and are on the edge of what used to be a royal game preserve - hence the name Hart (deer). The villages are very near the towns of East Grinstead, Sussex and Penshurst, Kent. A number of possible family members can be traced to these towns before 1700, and in the late 1500s there was an Elizabeth and Roger Hartfeild living in Hartfield.

The documents we have compiled can be viewed by clicking on the Certificates link in the navigation bar.

I have a sister, but she and her family are not listed here at their request for reasons of privacy.

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